Discontinuous Improvements in Plasticizing


"Continuous Improvement" may be today’s business mantra but, when it comes to Plasticizing Components, then "Gradual Degradation" is more likely to be the reality. Over time, parts wear and degrade resulting in increased cycle times, inconsistent shots and contaminated mouldings.

Even if wear is not an issue, most of today’s extruders and injection moulding machines are not even fitted with the best components when they leave the factory. Most new machines are fitted with ‘GP’ screws designed 60 years ago !

In contrast, Cooper Technology provide State of the Art Screws, Cylinders and ‘Front End Components’ that can help you to optimise production rates, improve quality and consistency, prolong wear life and reduce costs.

barrel assembly

Rather than experiencing Gradual Degradation, why not speak to us about Discontinuous Improvements, whether by simply replacing worn parts, or preferably by replacing worn or outdated parts with the most up to date designs that will give you superior performance and an edge over the competition.

If you would like us to call to your plant to discuss your options in detail, please call 028 9127 1372.

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Advanced Screw Designs

posimelt screw

The majority of extruders and injection moulding machines are still supplied with a 'General Purpose' screw which is essentially an outdated, 60 year old design.

In contrast, Cooper Technology supply a range of high performance screws designed to improve your process and boost your productivity.

Our screws, including Xaloy's patented Easy-Melt and Custom-Melt screws, are designed to:

  • Improve mixing and melt homogeneity
  • Increase throughput and reduce recovery time
  • Deliver consistency and repeatability

For more details, click here.

Bimetallic Cylinders

bimetallic cylinders

We offer the rull range of Xaloy's bimetallic cylinders, offering the best possible corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Xaloy's X800 Tungsten Carbide alloy is fully compatible with the X8000 screw offering a 'fit and forget' combination.

Further details can be seen on our website, www.coopertech.com.

Mallard Screw Tip Assemblies

mallard screw tip assembly

The unique patented Mallard Screw Tip Assembly offers the following benefits:

  • Exceptionally long wear life
  • Easy design changes by simply changing the rear seat
  • 'Hex' on the retainer for easy removal from screw
  • Low replacement costs

In addition we can offer a Carbide version where the rear of the front seat and the front of the check ring have a solid carbide deposit. This surface then has a two year wear guarantee. For more information, click here.

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