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Moditec Goliath Granulators

Goliath granulators are specifically designed as sprue granulators. They run at 25 RPM and a combination of the low speed and the unique geometry gives the following advantages:

Goliath GPlus granulator.jpg
  • Excellent quality granulate with no dust or 'longs'

  • No screen required

  • Low noise

  • Low energy consumption

  • Very easy to clean

  • Low maintenance requirement - practically no blade wear


This range runs from the new Mini Goliath 1 & 2 machines through the standard size G1 with just one large cutter and 2 toothed rollers to the G9 with two motors, 9 large cutters and 11 toothed rollers.

For further information, please complete our Enquiry Form or visit the Moditec website.

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