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Bimetallic Cylinders

It is important that both extruder and injection cylinders are in good condition in order to maintain good productivity and a stable process. Many cylinders supplied by the OEM are nitride hardened but it is best to specify a high quality bimetallic alloy. Below are some of our common material options.


Cylinder Materials:




  • Nickel rich Iron Boron Bimetallic alloy.

  • Cost effective choice for unfilled and lightly filled materials.


  • Premium general purpose Bimetallic alloy.

  • Increased resistance to both Abrasion and Corrosion.

  • Suitable for up to 20% glass fibre content.


  • Tungsten Carbide in a Nickel alloy matrix.

  • Outstanding resistance to both abrasion and corrosion

  • Essential for resins containing high percentage of aggressive fillers.

  • Also resists corrosive attack from aggressive volatiles.


  • Excellent corrosion resistant Bimetallic alloy.

  • Suitable for the most corrosive resins and additives.


For further information on cylinder materials, please complete the Enquiry Form.

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