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Purging Compounds


If this picture looks familiar then you should probably be talking to us about Aquapurge compounds.

In today's environment it is important to be able to switch colours with the minimum of down time and wastage. Aquapurge compounds are designed specifically to help you be more productive, not only with your colour changes but also on shut down and start up.

Transforming your raw material into quality mouldings involves many aspects. Not least of course is the design of screw and cylinder. But no matter how good the screw design is (and we would argue ours are the best!) it is still important to keep your equipment in tip top condition. Aquapurge will help you to do this, increasing productivity, reducing costs and adding to the bottom line.

Having difficulties with purging? Let us recommend Barrel Blitz Universal.

BBU is a mechanical purging compound that provides a deep-clean of the screw and barrel in order to get the machine back to its original condition. Whether Injection or Extrusion, Barrel Blitz Universal will not just perform the color change or material change, but will return the screw back to mint condition – as if brand new. 

Our next generation BBU scrubber works first time, every time. BBU thrives on problem materials or processes: high to low temperature changes, heat sensitive materials (PVC, POM, PBT, flame retardant additives), metalizing ABS or PA, and high temperature materials.

It's made from a stable, easy-clearing polymer and Aquapurge's proprietary Scrubber Concentrate. Regular use of BBU reduces the need for screw and barrel cleaning. This frees up key staff, reduces machine downtime and boosts part quality.

Black specs and milky moulding will be a problem of the past.

Don’t believe us? Simply pull the screw before and after BBU treatment.

Still don’t believe us? Use your current purging compound – and then purge with Barrel Blitz Universal.

BBU before after.jpg
BBU whitebg.png

Barrel Blitz Universal


Barrel Blitz Universal (BBU) is a true evolution in purging. Its three primary uses are colour changes, material changes and, where it truly comes into its own, clearing carbon.

This carbon removal – by this we mean fully degraded materials and plate-out from concentrated pigments or additives – can either be done in isolation or, more importantly, every time you use the BBU for colour or material changes.

But much more than that, BBU will do the following all in one material:

  • work effectively from 160°C (320°F) to 370°C (698°F)

  • easily cleaned out by any material – clear ones as well – (no milky mouldings)

  • can be used as a strip-down material (ask us for instructions)

  • above average colour and material change ability

  • effective for much higher temperature materials if reduced to 370°C (698°F) while purging


Poly Clear Prime


The New Poly Clear Prime range of products are by far the most impressive and easy to use polyolefin Hybrid purging compounds on the market today, in some cases requiring only 8% of what you would normally use to purge clean.

Poly Clear Prime range has proven itself in Blow Moulding to be without equal, be it multi-head 200ml bottles all the way up to 3000 litre IBC’s, on Pipe Extrusion, Poly Clear Prime range can even change from black PE100 to yellow PE80 on basket dies historically the “holy grail” of achievements and Injection moulding, through screws and barrels and hot runners and clearing antistatic ESD materials.


Poly Clear Prime typically carries out colour changes using a 10% of the quantity of commodity polymer typically required in 15% of the time on blow moulding and extrusion, whereas on injection moulding through Hot Runners you can expect 20% material and 50% of the time.

Poly Clear Prime is also exceptional for removing carbonised deposits off metal surfaces in all the above processes using a combination of surfactants and five different procedures depending on severity.

Overall, Poly Clear Prime enables a significant improvement in the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) metric for profitable polymer processing businesses.


For more information, please call +44 2891 271372 or

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