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Injection Nozzles

Shut Off Nozzles

Our Shut Off Nozzles from Herzog can either be Spring Actuated (the Auto Nozzle) or Lever Operated.  Spring Nozzles are typically used to eliminate 'drool' and 'stringing' and to stabilize the process.

Lever Operated Nozzles can be actuated hydraulically or pneumatically and are can be used to reduce the overall cycle time by allowing screw recovery against an open mould. Two different types of Lever Operated Nozzles are available in several sizes to suit your requirements.  

Herzog Needle Nozzle.png

Mixing Nozzles


Promix Static Mixers further enhance the performance of our extruder and injection screws, and can be used to improve performance when it is not practical to replace the screw. Benefits include improved surface appearance, no colour streaks or flow lines, reduced cycle times and masterbatch savings. 

Melt Filter Nozzles

A melt filter is commonly used to protect the hot runner system or when processing regrind or contaminated plastic.  Various options are available including nozzles that can be purged without disassembling from the machine.

Open Nozzles

As well as supplying special purpose shut off, filter and mixing nozzles we also supply a variety of open nozzles. These include water cooled assemblies for LSR applications and also ‘continuous taper’ end caps and nozzles for properly processing PVC and PC resins. 

Filter Nozzle.png
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