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Injection Screws

The Injection Screw is the heart of the Injection Moulding machine and it is important to specify the correct design and construction materials. The majority of moulding machines are still supplied with a ‘General Purpose’ screw which is essentially an outdated, 60 year old design.

Cooper Technology’s injection screws enable you to improve part quality and reduce cycle times. We aim to produce a truly homogeneous melt with improved dispersion of colour, additives and fillers, and at the same time deliver high throughput and excellent shot to shot consistency.

By selecting the best alloys and coatings for your application we can also deliver superior wear life and maintain the screw’s performance over time.


Posi-Melt Screw

The Posi-Melt Screw has been described as the ‘Ultimate Multi-Purpose Screw’. It is designed to process a wide range of resins whilst offering much improved melt quality and productivity.  A Posi-Melt is ideal for trade moulders processing multiple resins. 

Easy-Melt Screw

The Easy-Melt screw, from Xaloy, combines the simplicity and economy of a conventional three zone screw with the productivity benefits of improved material feeding, melting and metering.

Custom-Melt Screws

A Custom-Melt screw is recommended when running a specific resin.  A number of patented designs are available depending on the exact processing requirements. The aim is to provide the best possible melt and moulding quality while doing so with precise control and high throughput.

Alloys & Coatings

It is important to choose the correct alloys and coatings in order to maximize wear life and enhance process stability.  The majority of screws are still manufactured from nitriding steels but at Cooper Technology we offer a broad range of special alloys and coatings .

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